Welcome to Endeavour Surf. We are stoked to bring you direct our huge range of surfboards

At Endeavour we all surf, so we know what good feels like. We’ve been working with The Crew, our brand ambassador program consisting of a wide spectrum of surfers from many different paths, to develop the board shapes you want in the sizes you need.

Do you find it difficult to find the right surfboard thats the right size, shape and specification for you? Well - we've got boards for nearly everybody. A huge range of sizes, shapes, colours, weights, glass jobs,  styles, fin-set-ups, carbon patches by some of the best shapers on the planet. Please take a look round the store.  We hope you like what you see. There's over 100,000 variations to choose from. All available now.

Simply, our business is to ship you great shapes direct from our factory, made to order.  The way this works is that you tell us what you want and the order goes straight from this web site to the factory. We promise to deliver your order within a max 28 days (and for the top sellers much quicker). This means we can offer attractive prices and a huge range. We make glass boards only - because we prefer the feel - and because we are very slick at making them here in Europe. We have no middle men so we can offer these great shapes and great quality at a great price.


The way this works is that we have a range of proven shapes from world class shapers which we then machine cut from blanks as soon as you place an order. We leave a fair amount of extra foam and then shape to finish by hand - that way you get a classy board. Its not about tolerances (though we are accurate) - its about achieving the subtlety of shape that differentiates a glass board from the rest.  We have a custom range that lets you choose from a range of options to refine the various designs to exactly how you want to surf. And we have worked hard on our glassing shop so we can complete the job to a high standard.


Our Executive Shaper is Matt Barrow - who learned his trade with some of the best shapers in Australia, Hawaii and West Coast US. The SOUL Factory has been making great boards, directed by Matt for the past 7 years. Endeavour Surf now brings this capability direct:

  • ENDEAVOUR PERFORMANCE -  shapes by Jeff Johnson & Scott Crump together with the top selling Matt Barrow SOUL range
  • BLANK - plain & simple performance at an amazing price - these aren't beginner pop-outs - they are serious shapes for surfers with more cred than bread
  • Hipster - logs, fish, single fins, mini-Simmons...... by Diego González.  OK - it doesn't make sense - but it feels real good. (these take 2 weeks longer because they need time)

More on the way - we have some new performance innovations in the R&D department :) which we will sharing over the coming months. And expect more shapes from some respected names together with other hardware - made to order & shipped direct.