Make it so.

We've had a lot of requests from the Crew and customers for a fully custom offering. So we've done that. From today you can order any of the SOUL boards either in stock sizes or you can just type into the site the dimensions you prefer and we'll make it so!


Simple? Well yes but it took us a while to figure that was the best way - and we think its the best way because it stays close to the way the boards are designed in the first place. The way boards sort of evolve is that somebody, usually the Shaper, comes up with a new idea and then they try it out. Typically its something they try themselves initially or with one other rider. After a few goes it usually gets to where they want it. Next step is to make one for other people in different sizes and this is where the rest of the test team comes into play - they usually decide to tweak the dimensions slightly to suit their individual preferences - for example, quite often they will have a very specific width in mind that they feel good about.


In fact, if you are interested you can see this quite clearly on the size charts we've just put up on the SOUL range. Those curves of recommended length vs experience and rider weight would be nice smooth lines if the boards were merely scaled up and down. Fact is they have little kinks in them - thats where the tweaks have been made for test riders. Interesting if you are a board geek. 


In fact if you are, you might want to click on this:   

Just for fun we've put this up with the GTO data in it. Now the GTO is a very sweet board - personally its my favourite board by Matt - it just feels good and he's really worked hard on the design. But if you look at the SIZERIZER you can see the volume changes in a fairly kinky way with different lengths (did I really say kinky?) - this is because different team riders like different dimensions around the basic design - and these preferences get baked into the stock sizes.


Underneath that on the SIZERIZER I've put a bunch of buttons you can click to enter your weight and skill/experience - the dials show your weight and the recommended volume for you. And then there's a bubble chart showing all the stock lengths. As a guide, the one's in yellow are too floaty for you, and the red ones are too small. We're recommending the Green bubble! Not under-gunned and not over-gunned. Some combinations you will see mean your ideal board is somewhere in between the stock sizes - in which case there might not be a green bubble! Time to tweak! And anyway - these are only a guide - you may well know exactly what works for you anyway - again time to tweak!


So tweak away! And we'll make it so.