We’ve been spending all these lovely summer days holed up working to get Clayton on board –so we’re stoked to announce today that we have a big new name in the Shaper Crew.


What’s to say about Clayton that you don’t already know – well he’s a pretty smart guy and his boards are distinctly edgy. What we really like is how he’s really thought through his designs and just how good these boards are. The basis of his work is a deep understanding how to surf well – both himself and through his extensive coaching work. Simplicity of design is hard to do and something we totally admire.


To complement Clayton’s boards, we’ve developed a new set of on-line CONFIGURATORS to help our customers specify exactly the board they want


  • videos of each board in action ,
  • Clayton explaining the shapes,
  • techno driven sizing advice
  • easy choosing from a wide range of specification options – carbon, paint jobs, tail shapes, fin boxes ……


and in addition we’ve been listening to the CREW and all these boards can be made to custom dimensions as well as using the tried and tested stock lengths. Just tell us what you want and we’ll make it so.


Welcome on board Clayton.


(and now maybe we can get out of here and get some waves).