We wanted to make boards to catch more waves, surf longer and have more fun in Cold Water. It was back to first principles to learn how to do this. We call the process we developed: Winterizing a board. We're very pleased with the results of this innovation from Endeavour.

And this is how we did it.


So that we could see further, we stood on the shoulders of three beardy Greats:

From Archimedes we learned that you need a bit extra board volume in cold water – this deals with both the power sapping influence of extra thick wet-suits and also the effect of cold on your metabolism.

From Darwin we learned that evolution is the most powerful force in nature. Natural selection has applied for over 50 years to glass and foam boards resulting in some awesome board shapes optimised for different waves and their construction method – these are the result of massive trial and error - a very expensive but sophisticated way of finding the best shapes for surfboards. So we realised the best way to proceed would be to start from some designs at the peak of the evolutionary chain and modify them. We used our analytics to classify 350 surfboards and correlate the shapes to their performance as a starting point for this next evolutionary step.

Our final bearded intellectual colossus is William Froude – Victorian mathematician – colleague of Isambard Kingdom Brunel – West Country man and inventor of among other things of the discipline of Naval Architecture. His extraordinary work on the powering of ships was good enough to design the Royal Navy. So we asked – “Hey, does it work for surfboards?”. Yep, we can gleefully report – it works real well.

How we Winterize boards:

  • Take a proven high performance shape (for example here's The Project by Clayton - you'll need a decent browser to see this in 3D)
    • We use Froude's method to calculate the performance as a function of shape and we use this as our design baseline
    • We then repeat the following until we have a totally HOT board for COLD water:
    • Tweak the shape for just the right amount of extra volume in all those little secret spots - but keep the length the same
    • Re-calculate the performance to make sure it still flies.
    • Shape, glass and add COLD WATER.
      Eh voila! The COLD WATER PROJECT and the COLD WATER GTO.
      Hot boards for cold water.