Board Chooser

The Board Chooser menu helps you find just the right shortboard for you from our rather large range. OK - so we've got a lot of boards and there's a lot of options on each board - thats because we like it that way! Nevertheless a lot of the Crew asked if we could SIMPLIFY the choice a bit. Here's our response (we're steadily making this more accurate and this latest version is getting quite smart):
  1. Decide on the right volume of board you need - you can do this with the size guide on this menu - just click in your skills and weight and it will recommend the volume of board you should look for - and if you don't agree then keep clicking until the dial shows the volume you do agree with :) - incidentally once you do this - we store your size and skills in your browser cookies - but we're not looking - thats your info - the pages on the site read this when you look at boards and re-do all the sizing charts so the one's that fit are highlighted - just trying to be helpful
  2. Click the SHOW ME BOARDS THAT FIT button and it will. The carousel orders the boards by performance & wave size - small boards first and bigger wave boards at the end. All of them will be sized to fit your desired volume.
  3. To see how our boards stack up against another board you might have or fancy - select the COMPARE item on this menu - select the dimensions and volume and it will position YOUR BOARD in the line-up.
Obviously - it doesn't cover off the HIPSTERS and the longboards - they're more about style - this is all about performance - having said that: some of those Hipsters can give the shortboards a run for their money.
Hope that helps - but Hey - its only a guide. We're just trying to make it all about YEW.