Clayton Nienaber

Clayton's boards are wherever there is major stoke (or just serious fun).

Competition surfing, shaping & coaching inform and define Clayton's boards. His apprenticeship at Safari Surfboards built a solid base for subsequent design innovation -  as does the fact that this guy rips! Clayton's much admired Corrective Coaching Programmes puts something back but also provide the learnings that make his designs practical and desired by Pro's and regular surfers alike.

The purpose in Clayton's shapes defines the Performance X Clayton range. Its super easy to get: what each board does; why and how. This clarity we totally admire - a precision fit with the Endeavour project and values. Nice.

Clayton: distinctly performance and  ..... edgy.

Stoked & super proud to be working with Clayton on the Performance X Clayton collection.
(and oh yeah, he's shaped for Kelly too ...)