Diego González


Diego González, originally from Uruguay, has been shaping since 89. 

His apprenticeship was at home and in Brazil (Florianoplis factory & Hamilton Motola).  He began travelling in 96 to find his own style through the influence of other shapers and surfers. In Hawaii an eclectic mix of John Carper (JC Hawaii), Owl Chapman and Ken Bradshaw inspired many of the the resonances you can see in his shapes today. His path was then to California, Mexico and Chile – meeting like minded shapers along the way. Working in Spain since 2006, Diego has been refining his boards and skills under his own label and through projects with Seven Surfboards and Mark Bach.

Diego’s path has produced boards that amplify the vibe – each shape with a history, but each in rhythm with the contemporary pulse of Über Cool. Endeavour are super stoked to be able to bring you Diego’s passion to shape boards that will both touch your heart and slide real well.