How Long Does it Take to Get  Board?

We will ship your board so it reaches you within 30 days of you placing an order. This applies to all boards except the HIPSTER range which take a bit longer and we will get it to you 45 days after order.

Is Shipping Free?

Yes - anywhere in UK and mainland EU is free. If you are outside this, please drop us a line and we will get a bespoke quote for you and deduct the European cost from the total.

How come your boards are cheap?

We make to order, ship direct and there are no middle-men. We don't actually think our boards are really cheap - they are just a fair price. If you take a look at US board prices - you will see that we are trying to match them - we're efficient at making boards and our volume is such we can buy materials at a good price. 

Where do you make you boards?

Our factory is in Seville in Spain. This is a great place to make boards - mainly because its only a short drive to the best surf in Europe, but also the distribution is easy from there and we have a really skilled team making the boards.

What about the glass jobs? Are they any good?

Yes - its all done to high quality. Most of our boards are 4/4+4 E Glass, but we offer 6+4/4 and 4/4+4 S glass on our Performance range. Its done to high standard - it has to be - the factory is one of the largest in Europe producing around 4000 boards a year in a very competitive market.

Are these Custom Boards?

Yes in the sense that we offer a huge range of designs and sizes - so we can sort most people out with a board that suits their needs and we make to order. No in the sense that we don't make boards completely to your design - all our boards are based on tested and proven shapes. The performance range are also offered with variations to the shape - and if you want further refinement then just send us a note via the contact form on the site and we will tweak away- Longer, shorter, wider, thicker, different tail, channels ..... And on the SOUL range we offer a no charge option to build the board to your specified dimensions rather than choose the stock sizing.

How are the boards made?

We have 2 CNC machines to cut blanks and then we finish by hand. All the boards are supervised and checked by our Executive Shaper Matt Barrow.