Here's the deal: Become part of the CREW & until January 6th get MASSIVE discounts on all the boards in the carousel.




Just check them out, there's a CLAYTON NED KELLY for £339! or a WALKER 9+ log by Diego for £552. Our prices are sweet to start with - but this should delight you.

And there's MORE - if you pass the stoke on, using a voucher we send you, then: if your Mates use it to buy a CREW board; we send YOU a voucher for £20 - sign up HERE for this reward programme.

So how do we do it? We make to order, keep our costs low and the quality high. These are CUSTOM BOARDS so it takes 30 days to deliver from order for most of the boards and 6 weeks for a HIPSTER. The offer excludes our BLANK range - buy hey they are only £299 to start with! We should be able to cope with the volume -  but if you ORDER a lot then we might change the delivery times - but we'll tell you before we do and right now its delivery as usual but at UNUSUAL PRICES. This can't last so we say - get them while you can. ONLY THIS LONG LEFT AT THESE PRICES:

JUST USE THE FORM AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE AND WE'LL SEND YOU A VOUCHER (might take a day as they are hand finished too) - and we won't SPAM you to distraction - because we hate that - we only send THE CREW good stuff.