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Welcome to Endeavour Surf Company, For The Crew

At Endeavour we all surf, so we know what good feels like. We’ve been working with The Crew, our brand ambassador program consisting of a wide spectrum of surfers from many different paths, to develop the board shapes you want in the sizes you need.


How do we do it? On-line, low overheads, no middle men, we're not a warehouse, we make these boards to order and ship direct from the factory. As a result: we can offer sharp prices and a big choice:
    • Endeavour Performance – Full custom shapes by some of the worlds best shapers. Lots of options – glassing, performance tweaks, fin set-ups.... Optimised around proven shapes – with easy on-line selectors that let you spec your board just the way you want it.
    • Soul – the best from Europe – you’ve seen them in France & Spain – now they are available in the UK
    • Blank – our Zen range, minimalist to the point of obsession –amazingly good high performance shapes – at a price that will make you smile
    • Endeavour Hipster – super stylin’ – logs, fish, single fins, pigs, mini Simmons. These boards look good & feel better.

    We think that's a pretty different approach. We call it Fresh Lines.