Share Your Stoke


Are you ready to Rock & Roll.

Winter swells. Thicker suits. Temperature dropping.


Endeavour is FOR THE CREW. We care about good gear for regular surfers - so thats who this competition is about - regular surfers not just the pro's. We've buddied up with some players who share our values: Wavelength, Errant and Finisterre so that you can share your winter experience AND win some epic prizes. Sweet.

Share what it feels like to surf through the cold days. Its shots of whatever really - great waves, ripping, hanging with your mates, landscapes, seascapes, getting blown across the landscape on victory at sea days...... And if you are somewhere warmer - hey you can enter too. Get that winter feeling into a picture - SHARE YOUR STOKE.

Entering is easy - Instagram or Tweet - tag it #ALLABOUTYEW and you're on it! Or you can load your shot from just about anywhere on our competition portal.



Yo - here's the Good bit. The prizes just keep coming.  Every two weeks for 5 months! Shapers Fins every 2 weeks (pick em on our site). Errant Travel £50 holiday vouchers every month - and lets face it - getting away can be fun too! Then in December a £150 voucher from Finisterre - thats enough to get a pair of those awesome Camber jeans or enough wooly socks to kit out your entire family - Christmas shopping might never get easier - and you don't even have to leave the beach to do it. Then in February there's any board on the Endeavour site custom made for the overall competition winner. We think thats a pretty good set of prizes.


Because its FOR THE CREW - the CREW decide who wins. Just VOTE through the PORTAL and most votes wins.

Here's the boring rules bit. We'll be very gently moderating the competition to make sure things keep on track. For obvious reasons we reserve the right to disallow over-enthusiastic entries - the definition of which is solely at our discretion - we just want to keep it good clean fun - having said that I bet naked surfer of january would stroll in first! Entry is free and we would like to be able to re-produce any competition entry as part of our desire to promote the stoke without having to pay you any royalties which we don't think is unreasonable- so by entering you hand us the copyright on your pic.  Anybody working at Endeavour is encouraged to enter - but we're gonna disqualify you from winning along with anyone who figures out how to vote a zillion times for themselves. Ha!