Al Merrick Signature Thruster Fins

The AM series are the thruster TWIN TAB fins most of our customers go for. The advanced foil, choice of sizes and technology cover the needs of most surfers. They are the result of a collaboration between Al Merrick and Shapers Fins Australia - available in three sizes and three technologies - they are very cost effective - just compare these prices to other tabbed fins and consider the specification.

We love these fins even though their serial numbers are slightly quixotic. AM1 is for medium surfers, AM2 is for bigger surfers and AM3 is for smaller surfers.

AM1 & AM2 are available in three technologies and AM3 in one (CORELITE)- which makes sense as the extra flex technology of CARBON STEALTH and SPECTRUM is not really necessary on the smaller fins.

More details in the tabs below.

  • CORELITE is the entry technology and and is basically resin with a hex celled foam core. The flex is progressive and lively - they are 25% lighter than traditional glass lay-up fins. These are very sophisticated fins. The AM1 and AM2 come in bright translucent Orange and Green respectively which looks nice with the sun shining through and will definitely show up nicely on your next photo shoot.

  • CARBON STEALTH is the next step up and they have some carbon fibre to the leading edge of the fin. So basically the idea is to keep the angle of attack precise while allowing flex in the trailing edge (using the foam core) which stores energy when you push hard into the turn and then releases energy out of the turn - propelling you to greater glory. The carbon slick matt finish looks very dramatic as does the translucent trailing edges in Green for Medium sized surfers and Orange for Bigger Surfers. Very nice combo.

  • SPECTRUM takes this range to another level of sophistication.There are two weaves of carbon fibre covering the bottom 2/3 of the fin - first its a stiffer broad black weave followed by a finer sliver weave in the mid section of the fin. The hex celled foam core reduces weight and provides flex throughout the length of the fin. Basically its a precise but slightly stiffer fin than the CARBON STEALTH and the stiffness reduces in two steps from the base to the tip - so in combination with the Al Merrick template you get very smooth bendability.  If you push hard it will flex and return your efforts in drive out of the turn. All that in such a small package - gotta take our hats off to Shapers for such a cool product. And of course they look fabuloso.The price is very competitive at £75 a set which might make you think of using the Spectrum AM1 as an aiternative to the side bites on a performance longboard - its what the pro's are doing these days - in combination with a smaller 6" centre fin you really increase the horsepower in the engine room. We should say that if you only ride longboards you will end up with a redundant AM1 centre fin if you take this route - the strength of these fins means I'm using mine as something for the dog to fetch back and he's having trouble making much of an impression on it which I guess is another plus feature.

  • On all three templates the inner face is flat - which is a fairly standard approach and most people like - though efficiency could theoretically be improved with a tweak here, plain old flat seems to be what feels best.

    Since we are all fin geeks these days, the main dimensions of the AM templates are:

    Template & suggested surfer weight range Rear base Rear depth Side base Side depth
    AM2 (85 - 100kg) - big 4.52" 4.49" 4.64" 4.73"
    AM1 (65 - 85kg) - medium 4.34" 4.41" 4.55" 4.52"
    AM3 (45 - 65kg) - smaller 4.14"


    4.34" 4.38"