Carbon Stealth Quads

The CARBON STEALTH QUAD X.  If you are riding a Quad then speed is clearly your thing - so these puppies will deffo make you smile. The precision flex that a combination of hex foam core and carbon fibre base delivers will create drive all along the watchtower. SerioUs velocity for long point breaks and the added bonus of quick release as you snap off the lip. 

The rear fins are 80/20 and the front fins look like a sweet NASA foil to us, but Shapers call it Inner Foil Technology (I.F.T.). Either way, these are super nice fins. There are four fins in the set.

Sizing gives away the reason for the name - the base to depth ratio is unity and the rake is 29 degrees on the rear and 35 degrees on the front.

 Fins Base Depth
Side 4.44" 4.44"
Rear 3.97 3.97



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