Copy of Al Merrick Signature Thruster Fins

The AM templates are the fins most of our customers go for. The advanced foil, choice of sizes and technology cover the needs of most surfers. They are the result of a collaboration between Al Merrick and Shapers Fins Australia - available in three technologies - very cost effective - just compare these prices to other fins and consider the specification.

The Core-Lite Series construction combines highly accurate Resin Transfer Molding Technology with a Super Light Hex Foam Core. The result is ultra lightweight, pure performance fins that surf’s like traditional Fibreglass fins but with the benefit of a lively progressive flex pattern, a kinetic flex memory and 25% lighter then traditional Fibreglass fin

    • The Stealth Series is at the forefront of fin design and development utilising the latest in Resin Transfer Moulding Technology to combine the benefits of Carbon Fibre & Core-Lite® Foam Core. The result is an ultra light-weight fin with a precision flex pattern that maximises acceleration, speed, drive and control. The Carbon Fibre leading edge combined with large Comp Core-Lite® Foam Core controls the rate of flex whilst optimising a kinetic flex memory. Stealth Series amasses energy and then releases it, delivering extra acceleration and drive. Shapers Carbon Stealth Series Fins utilise an Inner Performance Foil with a slick matt finish.

    • The Spectrum Series is truly at the forefront of fin technology and the latest offering by the fin specialists, Shapers Fins. The Spectrum Series delivers a unique 4 Phase flex pattern that gives surfers maximum feel and control. This is achieved through a complex blend of progressive materials and construction purpose built to deliver an ultra-light and responsive fin that performs accordingly to the way in which they are surfed. Suitable for all surf conditions and surfers in the intermediate to professional range.

    • On all three templates the inner face is flat - which is a fairly standard approach and most people like - though efficiency could theoretically be improved with a tweak here, plain old flat seems to be what feels best.

      Since we are all fin geeks these days, the main dimensions of the AM templates are:

      Template & suggested surfer weight range Rear base Rear depth Side base Side depth
      AM2 (85 - 100kg) - big 4.52" 4.49" 4.64" 4.73"
      AM1 (65 - 85kg) - medium 4.34" 4.41" 4.55" 4.52"
      AM3 (45 - 65kg) - smaller 4.14"


      4.34" 4.38"