Blank #1Shortboard

  • Plain and simple, the Blank #1Shortboard  - the #1 has a wider outline (which is a little forward to get through the flat sections) and a low entry rocker.  Perfecto for waist high to overhead surf of whatever quality. The extra foam means you can ride it one or two inches shorter than your regular board and the little extra tail kick helps turn it tight. It’s sort of half way between a chunk and a shortboard – which is why it is such a popular shape. Available as Squash tail or round tail in a huge range of lengths and comes as a thruster set-up with fin-plugs to fit tabbed fins (the one's you already own) - and in case you've lost them we include a set of plastic tabbed fins to fit. You might also consider:

  • Dimensions and recommended maximum weight (kg) by skill