Copy of Endeavour Clay10 Pro


  • Seeing Kelly & Jordy performing on the 1010 WCT and seeing how functional and important the proper equipment is, inspired tons of R&D on this model. It is ridden 2 inches shorter than normal. Thickness the same or slightly up and a 1/8 – ¼ wider. It has been tested in double overhead Mentawis, Canary Islands and Africa with huge success and popularity.
  • Dimensions


    Just Click into the SZRIZER YOUR SKILL andYOUR WEIGHT to see which length board fits. Red bubbles too small - yellow too big - green or in-between is a fit. Mouse the bubbles for max recommended weight for each board length. Click the KEEP button to remember your weight/skill in your browser cookies for other pages and future sessions.





    All these Boards are fully customised by you, using the CONFIGURATOR which you can access by clicking on the icon above.

    You can choose LENGTH, PERFORMANCE, PAINT JOBS, GLASS JOBS and lots more. Or you can just take it plain as it comes in the length you want. It takes a few minutes to complete the CLICK TO BUILD PROCESS process but its designed to get the board just the way you want it. Enjoy.