Endeavour Performance Longboard.




  • Our high performance diamond tail longboard. Lots of drive in the tail and enough foam up front to make it a nose rider too. Definitely not a board to take a cruise on.


     Length (ft/ins) 9'0 9'2 9'4 9'6
    Width(ins) 22 1/2 22 1/2 22 3/4 23
    Thickness(ins) 2 5/8 2 7/8 2 7/8 3
    Volume (litres) 59.2 63.5 67.9 72.9



    All these Boards are fully customised by you, using the CONFIGURATOR which you can access by clicking on the icon above.

    You can choose LENGTH, PERFORMANCE, PAINT JOBS, GLASS JOBS and lots more. Or you can just take it plain as it comes in the length you want. It takes a few minutes to complete the CLICK TO BUILD PROCESS process but its designed to get the board just the way you want it. Enjoy.