Deposit Blank 6'3 Cruiser

    This is the for the deposit on a 6'3 Blank Cruiser for Dan Carless.
    Balance to be paid before despatch... Thanks!

    • Plain and simple, the Blank #3 Cruiser  small wave shortboard. For small everyday waves but can handle a bit more. Extra volume (mainly under the chest and in the tail) makes it easy to paddle and and with the double hips its easy to turn and extends the range of the board beyond waist high. A great board to keep you surfing on most days. Full length V in the bottom makes it very responsive

      Comes with fin-plugs to fit tabbed fins (the one's you already own) - and in case you've lost them we include a set of three plastic thruster tabbed fins to fit.  You can surf the Cruiser as a quad too - check the quad fin upgrade for a sweet combo.