• Built to ride the best waves of your life on! Pin tail speed machines proven to ride the barrel deep and secure and hold a rail at high speeds.Will cope with all you are likely to encounter. Awesome travelling and East Coast stick.
  • All these Boards are fully customised to your specification and delivered to your door in no more than 28 days.


    • Length - choose the length that suits your style - there is advice based on experience and weight - though you probably know what you want any way
    • Performance - We will stay with the design - but you can choose F1, F2 or F3 - these have different tweaks  - mainly to the rails and the amount of foam - this will give you high performance (F1), Regular (F2) or slightly more forgiving (F3)
    • Paint Jobs - various colours in contemporary tail dips
    • Glass Jobs - Competition, Regular or Strong & Light (for a bit more rough and tumble). 
    • Carbon Decking - a full range of carbon fibre patches and grills
    • FCS nose plugs - for fitting a GoPro and taking a selfie
    • Dedication - we will write a dedication on the board - as long as you keep it clean & the spelling simple 

    Our boards are made to order using the information you supply using the CONFIGURATOR which you can access by clicking on the icon above. It sends your order straight to our factory. We stay very true to the designs but will make tweaks in line with your preferences - and on boards like these small changes make a big difference.  All boards are CNC milled to close to the final shape and then hand finished to get them just right. As our Executive Shaper, Matt will shape all these boards himself - to your specification. Enjoy.