Instant Dredger x Clayton

Available for next day dispatch. We've made a small number of our most popular boards for stock and have them available in the sizes listed - next working day dispatch for  following day delivery -  when you just gotta have that board NOW....
  • Designed for intermediate to expert surfers. It can be ridden in flatter high tide waves or smaller surf. The design has a lower rocker with a fuller nose and tail. The ideal wave size is waist high to a little over head.
    This board comes without fins
  • Dimensions


    Just Click into the SZRIZER YOUR SKILL andYOUR WEIGHT to see which length board fits. Red bubbles too small - yellow too big - green or in-between is a fit. Mouse the bubbles for max recommended weight for each board length. Click the KEEP button to remember your weight/skill in your browser cookies for other pages and future sessions.