Jasper Stripe Shortboard Bag (To 6'9)

Board bags are now super deluxe!

These are the most awesome board bags you'll ever see. Wrap your prized possession up in something that will protect it and look amazing! 

Tailor made as part of the Endeavour 'Bespoke Stoke' Collaboration by TattySacks using super robust vintage water resistant fabrics.

The Jasper Stripe padded shortboard bag will fit board size up to 6'9" and upto 21" wide

• 1/4 in padding
• Heavy duty inner canvas lining
• Inner and outer fin/wax pockets,
• Padded shoulder strap, reinforced nose and seams
• Drawstring rope closure so no more ceased zippers!


This board bag will last forever

Oh and it makes the most awesome sleeping sack.


* Made to order bags coming soon that will perfectly compliment our Hipster range