Performance Fins for Longboards

A High performance 6" box fin and a 2+1 combo from Shapers fins:

  • The 6" Performance Box fin is about progressive longboard riding as you would expect from Oz.
  • The 2+1 Perfromance Combo is the 6" Performance fin plus the Al Merrick signature AM1 SPECTRUM thrusters normally fitted with shortboards. Its an expensive option but well worth it if you want to push your performance surfing a bit further - we offer the combo with a discount to buying them individually - because you don't really need the centre fin from the AM1's.
  •  Fin Base Depth
    6" CARBON STEALTH Box  4.8" 6"
    AM1 SIdes 4.55" 4.52"
  • THE CARBON STEALTH technology has carbon fibre along the leading edge of the fin. The idea is to use its rigidity to keep the angle of attack precise for good control while allowing flex in the trailing edge (using the foam core which extends throughout the fin). The flex stores energy when you push hard into the turn and the blue finish and slick matt carbon look very cool. Very nice as a smaller centre box fin on a performance longboard
  • The SPECTRUM technology from Shapers takes fin construction to a new level of sophistication.There are two weaves of carbon fibre covering the bottom 2/3 of the fin - at the base its a stiffer broad black weave followed by a finer sliver weave in the mid section of the fin. The hex celled foam core reduces weight and provides flex throughout the length of the fin. Basically its a precise but slightly stiffer fin than the CARBON STEALTH and the stiffness reduces in two steps from the base to the tip - so in combination with the Al Merrick template you get very smooth bendability.  If you push hard it will flex and return your efforts in drive out of the turn. All that in such a small package - gotta take our hats off to Shapers for such a cool product. And of course they look fabuloso. Its a natural fit for performance longboards which basically have shortboard tails.