The Pilchard has a nicely pulled in tail and shortboard style rails for a more performance feel. Single to double concave with a flat rocker. 

  • Available with twin glass on marine ply keel fins
  • Or with FCS twin setup for pure down the line speed. (3 plugs)
  • Or as FCS quad if you want to surf more vertically (The quad setup is also more forgiving on your backhand.). 

Choose from some beautiful resin tints either Gloss Translucent or Matte Opaque, or a solid spray with either a gloss and polish or a weight saving matte sand.


Goes great with either Michael Cundith signature twin fins - extra drive and control or Asher Pacey signature carbon flare quads to turn tight in the pocket with.. flare.


Because of demand for our Hipster boards delivery from order is 6 weeks currently but we’re working to get it down.