The Cold Water Project


  • Get more waves & surf longer with our Winterized boards. We've tweaked some of our best performance shapes in all the right places to compensate for thick wet-suits & energy sapping cold. Result:  your performance stays HOT when the temperature drops.

    The Cold Water Project is a consistent all-rounder board for intermediate to expert surfers. It can be used from shoulder high to double over head. It works well with any tail shape and is ridden 1 to 3 inches longer your height. The boards comes standard with a single into double concave as a thruster. This is one of Clayton's best shapes - and now its Winterized.

    Gonna be a long hard Winter - bring it on!


    Click into the  COLD WATER SZRIZER your SKILL and your WEIGHT to see the COLD WATER recommended volume. Match your recommended volume with our Winterized boards to get a perfect cold water set-up.

    The bubble chart shows at a glance which board fits you:

    • Red bubbles too small - yellow too big - icy blue or in-between is a fit.
    • Mouse the bubbles for max recommended weight for each board length.
    • Click the KEEP button to remember your weight/skill in your browser cookies for other pages and future sessions.